About Us-HappyMars Group


Brief description of the company
HappyMars is an IT sales and service providing company focusing on individual and enterprise clients. We provide IT hardware and services to our clients with a professional touch. We give individual attention with constructive and economical solutions for the consumers. From the inception, HappyMars has accomplished a strong reputation among the customers for being clients friendly.

Our Mission 
We aim to be a trusted name in Bangladesh ICT hardware market by providing high quality, competitively priced computers, laptops, accessories and services in a friendly and professional manner, allowing the development of long term client relationship and the continued growth of our business.

Our Vision
To design, develop and deploy powerful IT Solution and software and website that enables our customers to automate their business processes and help to expand.

Corporate Information:
HappyMars was established in 23 August 2010 and had registered its trade license with Dhaka City Corporation. The company has been carrying out its business with various corporate and individual clients which led it to be a trusted name in the IT hardware industry.

Staff and Backstopping Conception:
HappyMars has the capacity and resources to serve it’s valued customers with technical services both at home and office. We comply with all Government Labor Law and Wage Board requirements. Periodically, we train our staff with updated management and technical skills. Techmania employees enjoy a very good work environment with opportunities for learning and updating their knowledge-base with the development of information technology.

HappyMars is staffed with eight trained full-time and part-time professionals consisting of:
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Junior Technology Officer
Senior Hardware Engineer
Networking Engineer
Marketing Officer
Accounts Officer
Office Executives

Sales and Supply
We sell IT hardware from our retail outlet at Mirpur, Stidium Road. And we supply all technology related items to our corporate clients. HappyMars also complies with all warranty requirements from our suppliers.